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Hello and welcome!  I’m glad you’re here. DEEPict is a way of seeing the world far past the surface.  Explore a little deeper, examine a little closer, feel a little more. I’m a traveling journalist, a photographer and an avid couchsurfer.  In March of 2007 I resigned from the corporate world of Los Angeles, packed away my high heels and set off on a couchsurfing journey that encompassed 174 cities in 36 countries.  For two years over 140 couches were my home from Thailand to Turkey, Morocco to Mumbai. Now  I'm writing a book about my adventure, 100 Couches- A Couchsurfing Adventure Around the World, to share the journey and inspire the world to dream bigger.  The trip was a lifelong dream come true by all of my amazing friends on couchsurfing.org. Please come in, take a look around and share in the wonders of our world.  Check out the galleries, pick up some advice on world travel, solo travel as a woman, photography, music and life.  Explore the power of positivity.  DEEPict. Dream Bigger! -Deena


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Dream Bigger

Walking across a volcano in Hawaii.  Petting tigers in Thailand. Seeing Saturn from the top of Mauna Kea at the Observatory. Writing music and then playing it live. Sleeping in a Wat while being hosted by Monks deep in the mountains of northern Thailand. Throwing snowballs off the Great Wall of China. Red carpet movies at the Cannes Film Festival 2007. The red sun setting over Istanbul. York Abbey. The Acropolis. Hiking past rice terraces with local Yao tribal women in the South of China and having lunch with them. The karst topography of Yangshao.  Sleeping under the stars on a ferry in Greece. Partying it up Morrocan style with the famous Morrocan Idol. Tearing through the streets of Marrakesh in the back of a vintage Rolls Royce. All of Rome. Drinking pints and pints while wearing homemade liederhosen at Oktoberfest and then jumping on a trampoline all night :). Parties in the Hollywood Hills. Ankor Wat. Wandering into remote villages near Hoi An, Vietnam and giving gifts to the villagers. The road to Hana in Hawaii. The long-neck Karen tribe in Mae Hong Song. Queen's Day in Amsterdam. Playing with and riding on an elephant in Pai. The Terracotta Warriors. Riding a bicycle through Pingyao, China. Santorini by day and night. Playing the piano for a restaurant full of tourists in Sorrento. Extreme Sky Riding in Ohio. The Opera in London and Vienna. The Philharmonic in Vienna at the world famous Musikverein. The Ballet in Prague. Watching the Slovakian Philharmonic while sitting on an ancient wall in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Lake Ohrid, Macedonia and it's 200 Monasteries. Hiking up Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. Exploring ancient Aboriginal caves and art in Australia. Mastering chop-sticks. Learning to make dumplings in China, Thai dishes in Thailand, and pizza in Italy. Black water rafting under the glow worms of Waitomo Caves in NZ. Hiking through LOTR volcanoes in NZ. Staying on a farm with 1500 sheep in NZ. Snorkeling with sharks and sea turtles in Hawaii. Scuba diving in Waikiki. Camping at the top of Haleakala Crater. Snowmobiling across an Icelandic glacier. Trapeezing through the air in London. Playing with Thandi, the cheetah, in South Africa. Couchsurfing through 34 countries in 15 months!